I offer a complete service covering every aspect of owning a website and if needed I can help you with each step along the way including:

  • Choosing and purchasing a website domain name and email address that suits your needs and audience.
  • Discussing in depth your needs and creating a clear work plan before building your website. I will also ensure that your website functions perfectly on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, PC).
  • If your business does not already have a logo then I can also create this for you which not only will be used on your website but can be adapted so that you can use on social media, business stationery and advertising.
  • Helping you to integrate the correct wording (keywords) into your website text to assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO – this is helpful for those who are searching the internet looking for a business or service like yours!).
  • Linking your website to your social media pages if you have them.
  • Teaching you how to update images, events, products, etc on your website.
  • Hosting your website and providing back up and support for all your hosting needs including back up of your site and updates. (In order for any website to be visible on the internet it must be hosted, this also provides email integration and security to your website).